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Music Video Fest 2024 is an innovative, first-of-its-kind interactive music video festival hosted by Nucast, NEWM, NMKR & Sick City on the Cardano blockchain.
Creators will submit their music video entries and 10 finalists will be selected for official entry into the festival. Attendees can purchase tickets starting now, and when the watch period opens, you'll be able to stream each music video using the Nucast platform and vote for your favourites. Each ticket held gives you one on-chain vote. The music video with the highest number of votes will be crowned the winner of the Festival!
Creator Submission Portal
Film Freeway Link
Meet the Partners:
NEWM is a community-owned music platform, replacing profit-driven intermediaries with direct artist-fan connections. We're building an all-in-one product suite for musicians to launch and distribute their music. Nucast, a Cardano-based platform, empowers creators with more control over their content and enhances ownership options, disrupting the video and film industries. #musicvideofest2024
Rules & Terms:
Participants must hold all Intellectual Property Rights ("IPR") to the piece(s) submitted to the competition (old tracks are welcomed so long as they are original, and even third party materials to which you have the full rights). By submitting the piece(s) and by being selected as a winner you agree to NEWM and Nucast's ("The Partners") prize structure and agree to The Partners' exclusive rights to use, modify, transfer and copy the piece(s) for promotional materials and marketing only. Further, you agree to indemnify NEWM fully for any claim, suit, cost or loss in relation to the use of the intellectual properties related to the piece(s) submitted in this competition.
Please note that NEWM shall not own and/or keep any other IPRs. All submissions' IPRs will remain with the creator(s) of the piece(s).
The responsibility of the legality is solely on the creator, and fully disclosing any possibly used third party materials, licences to such, and other proof of permission to use and is mandatory to qualify for submission.
The competition is announced on the date first mentioned above. The competition will be further promoted through social media. Your participation in the competition may be used freely in such further promotion by NEWM.
The winner(s) will be notified directly and the results shall be announced in social media channels.
By entering the competition you agree to participate in the Music video festival 2023 and agree to NEWM's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Your music video will be shown and streamed on the platform to a worldwide audience.
For terms and conditions please go to